Our Top 3 Heartfelt Wins

By: Garrett Tomlinson

For confidentiality reasons, I am not able to give names or information which could be used to personally identify someone. Speaking in general terms, however, our top three heartfelt wins in recent years are (in no particular order):

1. I recently handled a workers’ compensation claim that had little-to-no value for economic reasons. However, it became clear to me during the initial phone call with this client that she was being mistreated and denied basic rights that injured workers receive under the law. By entering an appearance on the case, I was able to get medical care that was previously denied, get appointments scheduled sooner, and get weekly benefit checks paid. When a doctor (notorious for being insurance friendly and for denying the seriousness of workplace injuries) attempted to send my client back to work without any sort of restrictions or protections, I was able to step in and prevent it. Ultimately, we were able to negotiate toward a modest settlement, and my client resigned from her employment. Though the economic value of the case was low, I was very proud of the work we did and results we delivered for this client. She was very thankful for how we turned her case around.

2. A number of years ago, we had a client that had been seriously injured in an accident involving a commercial truck. It was a sad, sad story and this client’s life was forever altered. It was clear he would not ever be able to work again or have the same quality of life. We were able to locate a commercial insurance policy that covered the accident. This policy provided for $500,000 of coverage, and we were able to get all of it by demonstrating the catastrophic nature of the injuries. We found other sources of insurance to cover the medical bills, so we were able to preserve nearly all of the settlement money for our client. It was a bittersweet case for us because we truly hate seeing someone’s life ruined by injury, but at the same time we were glad we could obtain a substantial sum of money for this client to take care of his financial future since he would never work again.

3. Not too long ago, we had another serious case involving an on-the-job injury. This client spent time in a coma and was very badly injured. Because of the seriousness of the injuries, a family member had to quit working to take care of the injured person. When a family loses two wage earners, the economic impact of the accident is devastating for the family. We were able to use the workers’ compensation law to get money to pay the family member who was taking care of the injured individual as well as obtain a large settlement for our client. The law does not always provide as many benefits as we would like in workers’ compensation cases, so it is rewarding for us to obtain benefits such as compensation for a family member who is taking care of a severely injured person. Everyone in our firm felt particularly good about that situation, and we ended the case knowing the family would be stable and provided for in the future.

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