Don’t Do These 5 Things When Driving—The Top Causes of Traffic Accidents

A traffic accident is something no one wants to have happen in his or her life. Sometimes an accident is completely unavoidable and sometimes it is entirely preventable. The NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration) reports there were 30,057 fatal crashes with 32,719 fatalities in 2013 alone. In the same year, there were 5,687,000 police-reported crashes with 2,313,000 people injured. The NHTSA breaks down the data even further denoting certain factors involved in the data—some factors such as impaired driving and speeding that possibly could have prevented these accidents. Don’t do these 5 things when driving and hopefully you won’t become an NHTSA statistic:

Impaired Driving

It may seem tempting to drive home after a few drinks, especially when you keep telling yourself you are fine to drive. Additionally, driving while exhausted counts as impairment and can easily lead to accidents. Do yourself a favor – don’t. Remember, you are impaired and unable to make clear judgments.


Think you will get there quicker by going faster? Think again. Driving above the speed limit may decrease your reaction time and cause you to be in a traffic accident. You may end up never making it to your destination.

Distracted Driving

Think twice before sending that text, changing that station or reaching for something on the backseat. Those few seconds of distraction are just enough to run you off the road.

Eating While Driving

Similar to distracted driving, eating while driving takes your attention off of the road which can lead to an accident.

Reckless Driving

Improper lane changes, not signaling and tailgating are signifiers of a reckless driver. Those traits will eventually lead to a traffic accident that could have been prevented with a little patience.

According to the NHTSA, “motor vehicle traffic crashes were the leading cause of death for age 4 and every age 11-27 (based on latest available 2009 data).” It is important to note some of these accidents could have been avoided by one of the parties involved. Remember, your life is not the only one you are affecting when you get on the road.


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