How to Protect Yourself After a Car Accident

A car accident is a nerve-wracking time and knowing how to protect yourself after the accident occurs will significantly decrease the prospect of further emotional turmoil. Here are six ways you can avoid additional headaches after your accident:

  1. If you are not seriously injured and are able to safely move around your location, gather information. You want to acquire the following information from all parties involved in the accident: name, address, telephone number, and license plate number. Also, record contact information from witnesses.
  2. Seek medical care immediately after an accident if you might be hurt. You may not notice any significant pain right away, and you might think you can tough it out on your own. However, injury can become more severe later and you may end up paying for these expenses out of pocket. It’s always best to get checked out. Also, provide your attorney with any medical treatment information associated with the accident so this can be added to your damages when you make a personal injury claim.

  1. Refrain from admitting fault at the scene of the accident. You simply need to exchange insurance information at the time of the accident. If you admit fault at the scene, this information will likely be used against you later. Make sure you tell the investigating officer your side of the story so the accident, and how it happened, gets accurately reflected in the police report later.
  2. Contact your insurance company immediately and report the accident. Even if you are not at fault, it is best to put your own insurance company on notice that an accident has taken place. By not doing so, you may lose some benefits of your own policy. We also recommend contacting an attorney at Staley Law Firm to discuss your possible insurance claims further.
  3. Seek legal counsel before signing any papers from the insurance company or from the other person involved in the accident. By not seeking counsel, you may be forfeiting certain rights when you sign documents presented by the insurance company or other driver. Likewise, do not give any recorded statements to anyone without first speaking with an attorney.
  4. Maintain good records of all details involved in your accident—insurance claims, medical bills, medical records, witness statements, or any other documentation outlining damages. Once you have an attorney, they will manage this process for you.


Contact Staley Law Firm if you need to protect yourself after a car accident. Consultations are free and you need to know your rights!


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