Four Things That Establish Your Claim After An Auto Accident

Being involved in an auto accident can be an emotionally-costly event with potentially life-altering injuries and traumatic memories. After the accident and after your physician evaluates your injuries, an insurance claim needs to be set up and pursued to settlement or resolution. In the insurance claim, four main sets of facts need to be argued and established:

“These are the details.”

It is important that the insurer knows every relevant detail of your accident from beginning to end. You should organize the events leading up to your injury in a timeline fashion by writing them down and giving them to your attorney. It is important that you are consistent when you relay this information each time you tell it. Having the details in writing will help you be consistent.

“These are my injuries.”

Once you have been treated for your injuries, you need to acquire copies of official medical documentation associated with your post-accident treatment and evaluation. If you have an attorney, they will assist in this process. Without these reports from your doctors, your damages cannot be measured. There has to be proof your injuries are what you say they are. Medical reports from your doctors provide this proof.

“These are my medical bills and lost wages.”

The insurance company should be provided evidence of any medical expenses, whether you have already paid them or not. This is true even if you have health insurance or another form of insurance which paid the bills. The same is true for lost wages – if you missed time from work, keep detailed records of this so that evidence can be provided to the insurance company. If you have an attorney, the attorney will provide this documentation to the insurance company for you.

“I am not at fault. They are.”

You need to keep all evidence in the accident organized. If you have an attorney, provide this evidence to them so that they can examine it and collect more if necessary. Evidence such as photographs and statements can bolster your credibility and innocence.

After your accident, it is imperative you contact a personal injury attorney at Staley Law Firm to assist you with establishing your claims and conducting negotiations with the insurance company. Not contacting an attorney may lead to you failing to receive the amount of damages you actually deserve.


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